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Vážení přátelé,
máte před sebou webové stránky sociální služby, která má dle zákona č. 108/2006 Sb. § 39, název osobní asistence.
Jak již z názvu vyplývá, odborně vyškolení pracovníci asistují při úkonech péče o vlastní osobu a úkonech zvládnutí soběstačnosti, kdy cílovou skupinou jsou osoby s chronickým onemocněním, osoby s kombinovaným onemocněním a senioři.
Věkově to jsou děti od 3 do 15 let, dorost od 16 do 18 let, dospělí od 19 do 64 let věku a dále senioři od 65 let věku.
Jsme terénní sociální služba a tudíž navštěvujeme své klienty v jejich domácnosti.
Úkony, které jsou u klientů prováděny, jsou dány zákonem a jsou uvedeny ve smlouvě s klientem. Zde vždy záleží na klientovi, co, jak a kdy si přeje od naší pomoci.
Pomoc musí vycházet z individuálně určených potřeb osob, musí působit na osoby aktivně, podporovat jejich rozvoj samostatnosti, motivovat je k takovým činnostem, které nevedou k dlouhodobému setrvávání nebo prohlubování nepříznivé sociální situace a posilují jejich sociální začleňování.
Osobní asistence – sociální služba je poskytována v zájmu osob a v náležité kvalitě takovými způsoby, aby bylo důsledně zajištěno dodržování lidských práv a základních svobod osob.
Na těchto stránkách se také můžete dočíst o aktivitách, které vykonává o.p.s. jako doplnění služby pro klienty, ale i o aktivitách jednotlivých klubů a spolků, kterým poskytujeme „azyl a přístřeší“. Nabízím i několik fotografii z různých akcí.
V další části jsou výroční zprávy a samozřejmě audit.
Doufám, že Vám naše webové stránky pomohou v rozhodování o tom, jak by měla vypadat pomoc profesionála v péči o rodinného příslušníka a využijete telefonní čísla, případně email jako kontaktu.
S poděkováním za důvěru,

Dana Janurová, ředitelka obecně prospěšné společnosti

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    Your Excellency,

    We the members of the Gwoza Christian Community
    Association (GCCA) hereby wish to express our protest openly since all other avenues to see you have failed.

    This is with regards to the plight of Christians in Gwoza Local
    Government Area which points to the very fact of government
    involvement by some senior political functionaries in support for the total
    annihilation of Christian in Gwoza.

    The Gwoza Christian Community had earlier published such an open letter
    to the President (FRN) when this annihilation started in the Nations News Paper of Monday, May 13,

    You are, we believe; is in the picture of all that happening in Gwoza LGA as the chief security officer of this
    great state. There is no doubt that insurgency activities are the main bane of contentions towards not only the economic and
    social development in Borno State, but most especially towards
    the political and religious harmony built on trust and respect.
    We believe that while you are busy amending fences elsewhere, others, including may be those that you trust, are also busy breaking the fence elsewhere.
    This makes your task difficult especially in a situation where there is hypocrisy
    and sycophancy existing in the camp.

    Your Excellency, no father that discriminate in the family can have a peaceful sleep in the night.
    That is because those children discriminated against may
    turn to be his life – line saver which is always the case.
    If you were not told, we the Christians in Gwoza are very apathetic for the non-action of your government is
    taking over their scandalous shameful trauma. We really don’t believe that you are being fed with what is
    actually going on by our representatives on your cabinet as well as in the
    House of Assembly. But if you were being fed on the happenings, it means vividly it was
    never the actual situations on the ground.
    That is why we really question the two official visits by your Deputy, His Excellency Alh.
    Zannah Mustapha to Barawa and recently to Kirawa in Gwoza Local Government Area.
    We were quite dismayed and disturbed for such practical dislike to Christians.

    This Association is made up of eminent personalities who are heavenly focused
    and cannot in whatever way pervert the truth on what
    is actually happening in Gwoza. Your Excellency let us briefly state
    the picture of the situation affecting the Christian Community in Gwoza as at today.

    A total of 618 families (not individuals) have
    been displaced from their houses to various places in Nigeria as well as in places in Cameroun. There were a total of 46 Churches that have been burnt and destroyed
    while a total of 541 houses were also burnt and destroyed. As at 23/10/2013,
    a total of 46 villages were completely displaced; while a total of 108 houses have been vandalized, some of these
    houses are being occupied by the insurgents atop the mountain hills.

    [Of more] concern is the plight of 68 widows whose husbands were either shot
    or slaughtered in front of their family members. We have full documentation of these
    atrocities against Christians and yet your Deputy Governor during his two visits to the area have never found time to even commiserate with
    the Christians, but were deliberately avoided.
    Why? Are we not part of the Borno State citizens?

    Shops destroyed at Kirawa were given N3million, we also reliably informed that the sum of twenty five million naira(N25,
    000,000.00) was also given to the butchers from Gwoza at the Maiduguri Abbattoir.

    Everyone knows that the Abattoir is the breeding ground of the insurgency activities most of whom have gone back to Gwoza as sponsored insurgents.
    They have now made the mountain hills their headquarters.
    While, the whole lot of over 13 to 14 thousand Christians are homeless and are refugees without basic needs after fleeing their homes.
    Are we bastards that deserves not an iota of attention?

    Your Excellency, we deeply respect you and what you stand for
    and will not like to create another burden on the various security challenges you are facing.
    What we are saying is this; we don’t have diligent and patriotic
    representatives in your cabinet and the Borno State House
    of Assembly.

    We have no regret to register our complete distrust and annoyance towards some of these representatives.
    If we may add, the incidence of burning Churches did not start this year.
    Your Excellency, you may wish to re-call the incidence of the burning of six
    churches in 2011 where a committee was set – up and submitted its

    Over thirteen million naira (N13, 000,000.00) was lost to those miscreants in the arson and looting
    of theseplaces of worship; His Royal Highness the Emir of Gwoza, Alh.
    Shehu Idrissa Timta practically wept over such dastardly
    acts before the public. Not a single kobo was given as assistance to those
    churches from the state and Local Government, and none of our so-called
    representatives cared to sympathize with us except
    Alhaji Abubakar Mbawaya who provided bags of relief

    Your Excellency, we are not denting anyones image, but then truth must be told.

    We are disappointed in them since ultimately they have
    also decided to project such an inhuman act of disparity, sowing the
    seeds of hatred among the good people of Gwoza due to politics.

    We dare them to tell us who amongst our representative in your Government that does
    not have a close brother, sister or relation who is a Christian or even pagan.

    We know our background and we speak not out of weakness, but out of love of Christ who teaches peace.
    To this date no Christian or group of Christians destroyed a Muslim home or any
    mosques. What is happening can best be regarded as being a sponsored annihilation of the Christians in Gwoza.

    Your Excellency, we have the capacity to retaliate even more devastatingly,
    but two wrongs do not make a right. When peace was visible especially at
    Bayan Dutse and Barawa District in particular, confirmed information reached us that the
    civilian JTF was sponsored to the area in order to retaliate
    the actions of the army JTF on innocent civilian Christians
    of Barawa. A list of eighteen (18) persons was given to
    them out of which they succeeded in apprehending four (4)
    including a former vice Chairman of Gwoza Local Govt Area: To date no one
    has been able to see them. This was politically motivated under the cover of insurgent activities- branding
    them as Boko – Haram. That Civillian JTF that underwent that
    infamous mission were themselves Boko-Haram from the Maiduguri Abbattoir who actually ran away to Maiduguri when the JTF came to Barawa in April this
    year. In order to see them as legitimate Civillian JTF, some of them
    were told to adopt Christian names such as Bitrus, Yohanna, etc
    instead of their Muslim names.

    We have no regrets to state categorically before you
    that one key elected politician from the area and also the district
    Head comes from the current headquarters
    of Boko- Haram on the Gwoza hills at Gwavaka in Ghwa`a.
    May be you may like to hear that on 29thSeptember, 2013, two days to independence
    day, Boko- Haram village-Head was turbaned in the area where four
    cows were slaughtered in celebrations. It was the cows of the displaced Christians.

    Your Excellency, it is never our intention to publically paint
    these awfully disturbing stories of what is actually going on in Gwoza
    even though we have more of such evidence stories.

    In recent times, we are very much aware of the attacks on liberal Muslim who are also mourning a lot of their loved ones.
    We sincerely feel for them not denying the
    fact that when all the youthful Christians fled, the trained
    mad dog turned against its owner. We really sympathize with the bereaved families; but
    how many Muslim houses and mosques were burnt or
    vandalized by the Christians since when all these atrocities were being
    meted on us?

    Your Excellency, we really have reasons to complain bitterly as if we are aliens in Borno
    State and every sane minded human being can attest to our plight.
    We registered this Association to actually forestall
    the administrative bottle necks of CAN in tackling our internal issues which may be peculiar to us.
    But we keep in close contact with CAN because our Association is not an alternative to CAN.
    We are in the full picture and knowledge
    of our Christian brothers and sisters that are scattered as
    refugees which are currently as follows:

    Mokolo – Cameroun – Over 3,000

    Galma – Cameroun – Over 2,000

    Limankara – 202

    Madagali in Adamawa State – 2050

    Gulak in Adamawa State – 800

    Michika in Adamawa State – 1865

    Askira in Borno State – 410

    Uba in Borno State – 743

    Mubi in Adamawa State – 273

    Ngoshe Sama – 223

    Yola in Adamawa State – 270

    Jalingo in Taraba State – 190

    Lagos in Lagos State – 428

    Abuja in the FCT – 1021

    For goodness-sake how can a leader allow such large number of
    villages be left vacant?

    Your Excellency, we are aggrieved and really have every reasons to complain. We are humble citizens of this
    country who will never take laws into their hands. However, if pushed to the wall, we
    will have to actually defend ourselves and that is not a threat because every human being has an instinct to survive.
    It is not because we don’t have that capacity of retaliation or taking our plights for solutions elsewhere.
    We do have them such as the ICC, US Congress, International Development Agencies, International Reconciliatory
    Agencies, Human Rights, International Religious Freedom Reports, Inter-faith
    Mediation Centre and above all the constitution of the
    Federal Republic of Nigeria. What we will continue to say and
    believe is that you were not properly briefed on the plight of the Christians due to
    selfish reasons. That is why we sought to see you,
    but we were never granted such an audience.

    Your Excellency, is it the fault of our youth that are beginning to be bankrupt
    of patience, to back this claim, just last Monday, the Christian youth were
    forced to defend themselves in Ngoshe after being attacked for several hours.
    The result was that both sides recorded casualties. A total of
    seven Christians were arrested by The Army some of whom
    had their houses burnt to ashes. When these atrocities were being committed against the Christian villages
    and communities, no army was deployed until the worst was committed, but we
    were surprised when the army was deployed to Ngoshe within hours
    when it became apparent the Christian youth were defending themselves.

    Is this the country we believe to stay in unity?

    We are tired and enough is really enough as we are taking more
    steps to see that justice for the Christians in Gwoza is done.
    We are not ready to leave Gwoza as they plan to indirectly deport
    Christians to Cameroun and other states in Nigeria – because is our homeland which cannot be substituted.

    Finally, we want to again assure your Excellency of our loyalty and support
    for your dynamic government. You have proved yourself a positive achiever and
    true dynamic leader we aspired for. We pray Almighty God to give you more wisdom, perseverance and good
    health to give more to Borno State not in hypocrisy but truly and without reservations.

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